How does sealcoating help?

  • Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement, preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer of asphalt.
  • On older pavements sealcoating replaces fine particles lost from the asphalt surface due to oxidation.
  • Sealcoating seals the small cracks that will turn into larger cracks, which prevents water from seeping down to the base material.
  • Sealcoating helps protect the asphalt from the sun as well as the harmful effects of chemical spills such as oil and gasoline.
  • Sealcoating provides an attractive black surface that is ideal for painting lines and other markings.
  • Sealcoating cost pennies per square foot compared to the dollars needed to repair or replace the damaged asphalt.
  • Generally you should wait a few months before sealing new pavement to allow it time to cure. The Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association recommends waiting 6-12 months before sealcoating new pavement.
  • After a surface has been sealed it should be re-sealed every 2-4 years or as needed. Between re-sealings small cracks should be filled to assure protection. A regular maintenance program is prudent.
  • Our Company uses two types of sealer: Paveshield Asphalt Emulsion and Tarconite Coal Tar Sealer.